About Us


In the year 1997 in the region of Morrazo (Cangas, Bueu and Moaña), there was the figure of the estate manager, a person engaged professionally Management Community of Owners.

In that year, born COMUNIDADES MORRAZO, in a small office at Méndez Nuñez de Cangas by concerns of young entrepreneurs in an exciting future..

  The motto of COMUNIDADES MORRAZO, is the responsibility and personalized attention to customers.  

Throughout these years, thanks to good work in management, the company has grown continuously..

Over the years the offices of Comunidades Morrazo, they change location, looking at the expansion of its facilities and staff, better service to its customers. Since its inception at Méndez Núñez street to Avenida de Marin, 23, 1 st floor Left. Cangas, currently held in our offices, through other intermediate locations.